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Visiting Copenhagen

I suppose without realizing it, I wrote a blog post in the form of an email to someone who wanted to pick my brain about visiting one of the world’s coolest cities. I’m posting the information below just in case you’re making plans to visit.

“I think you all would love Copenhagen, and I highly recommend going. It quickly rose to the top of my list of favorite places, and I’ve been considering going back.

We flew Norwegian Airlines; my ticket was less than 600 bucks from JFK. You could also try Icelandair. They fly out of DC, and you can add up to a 7-day layover in Iceland, which is nuts.

I’d definitely recommend staying in an Airbnb. Here’s the one we stayed in: https://www.airbnb.com/rooms/1218328. The host was present, so not sure if you’re into that.

The city has a ton to offer in terms of food. We ate at Noma, but that was a once-in-a-lifetime splurge. The staff there recommended Atelier September, but it was closed the day we tried to go. Still though, we figured if the staff at the world’s best restaurant recommended a place, it has to be good. Others we tried: The Coffee Collective and Meyers Bageri. Also, you must check out Torvehallerne. We walked through/ate here twice and still regret not spending more time here. A couple places we didn’t make it to this time but I hear amazing things about are Conditori La Glace and GRØD. Be sure to try a hot dog at one of the city’s stands!

As far as activities go, the city has several historic landmarks. We climbed to the top of the Rundetaarn, and I thought the Royal Palace and adjacent gardens were stunning as well as the city’s Botanical Garden. There’s a lovely (and pretty long) pedestrian street called Strøget that’s full of shops. One I’d definitely recommend visiting is Illums Bolighus. Also, be sure to check out Tivoli! We had a blast the night we went. We didn’t visit any museums, although I hear exceptional things about the Glyptotek. There’s a flagship Lego store in the city as well. Just for curiosity’s sake, I’d walk through Christiania, a sort of hippie, squatter, grunge neighborhood that has its own government. Lots of interesting sights and sounds to be sure. 🙂

Copenhagen is a great wandering city, so I recommend plenty of leisure time to explore as opposed to a rigid itinerary. The canals and gardens are lovely, and some of the architecture is stunning. We didn’t use the subway much at all, but the one time we did, I noticed it was pristine. Anyway, transport is available if you need it.

Gee, I’m tempted to check out tickets myself. Not sure of areas surrounding Copenhagen, although I’m sure there are plenty of day trip options. I did write a hotel in Malmö, Sweden, which is just a trip across the Øresund Bridge from Copenhagen. Even if you stayed in the city the whole time, there’s plenty to do.”