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Dolla Dolla Bill

I want to try something, and I feel like the more people that know about it, the more accountability there is.

I have a few savings goals currently in play, and also, my family is taking a vacation together in November. I’d like to be able to save enough spending money to not actually think about spending money. “Why yes, I’ll have the 24-ounce cut” or “Give me the extra-large.” “A dollar extra to add bacon? No problem.”

So, here’s what I want to do: After all my major bills are covered, I want to live on $400 until September 5th. That averages out to about $100 per week for food (including dining out…yikes) and gas, and maybe a few other household necessities like paper towels or toilet paper if I run out. I’d also like to be able to cover gifts for my sister Nat, who has a birthday on August 13, and for my dad’s birthday on September 1.

I’ve tried this before and do pretty well for about two weeks. But then a certain laziness and perhaps a binge effect sets in. Like when you’re on a diet, and you’re good for a week. But then you go all T-Rex on a cheesecake or wings.

The other catch is I do like to use credit cards to get points/rewards. I typically make a payment immediately, so the hard cash amount is deducted much like it would be if I used a debit card or the envelope system. But I do get a little LAZAY with this method.

I think my biggest problem is “Oh, what’s 10 more bucks?” I’ve talkedĀ about this before actually. We know that “just 10 bucks” several times over turns out to be a lot more than you planned.

Anyway, with this kind of monetary restriction, I’ll have to be a lot more intentional about my spending, but intentionality is a trait I want to apply to all areas of my life anyway, so good practice! I think this is totally doable, even without feeling like I have to harvest lawn clippings; I just have to be more thoughtful. If you have suggestions/recommendations/inexpensive (BUT DELICIOUS) meal ideas, pass them along.