On My Phone Dying During a Sunset

Today I ventured out for a post-Christmas run; my feet felt as if they were filled with the 20 pounds of peanut butter fudge I ate yesterday.

I headed toward the beach and then over the bluff. By the time I reached the harbor, the sun had completely set behind Nobska, but that saturated Cape light still cast its unmatched glow on the boats and water, and bright oranges still blanketed the horizon. I walked out onto the jetty to take a panoramic photo when my phone died.


But really, it wasn’t. I put my phone away and stood there breathing in the cold air, smelling its salt and feeling the chill in my nose. I turned my head to the right and to the left, taking in from the highest point of Grand Avenue to the harbor entrance then to the inner marina. The colors were rich and deep, from the royally blue water to the gradient sunset. The small, tired waves were my soundtrack, that calm ocean churn repetitively melodic. I stayed for a while, perched on the jetty. When I turned to leave, I felt guilty about turning my back on such a sight.


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